Air filter

I. What is clean room air purifier?
A clean room is a room built with the ability to control the temperature, humidity, pressure and dust particle content in the air thanks to the air filtration system.
Clean room air filter (Air filter) is a system of fibrous materials that can remove particles such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria ... stored in the air, which can contain chemicals to absorption and adsorption of substances in the air such as volatile solvents.
III. Currently, air purifiers are divided into 3 levels:
1. Primary filter:
The primary filter, also known as the pre filter, is a filter that is attached to the inlet of the clean air filtration system to prevent coarse dust particles, larger than 20 microns in size.
2. Intermediate filter:
Intermediate filtration, also known as secondary filtration, is a type of filtration device that is located after primary filtration, is the second level of filtration in the air treatment system, purifying clean air. The intermediate filter can remove dust particles that are 0.5 micron or larger in size. The commonly used intermediate filter type is air filter bag, this type has many different levels of filtration from: F5 air filter bag, F6 air filter bag, F7 air filter bag, F8 air filter bag. If you do not use a bag filter, some cases can use a medium filter
3. Refine or HEPA filtration:
HEPA filter is the most refined filter equipment in the clean air filtration system and is an indispensable device in the system. HEPA filter can filter dust particles of 0.3micron or more in size with HEPA H13 filter efficiency is 99.99%. Heat-resistant HEPA Filter can withstand high temperatures up to 250oC.
III. Initial pressure difference and replacement pressure difference of air purifier.
1. Initial pressure difference:
When placing a brand new filter in position on the path of the air flow, in order for the air through the filter to reach a certain flow, we first need to overcome the resistance of the filter, that is to create a brake pressure filter resistance. Also depending on the size of the pore and the structure and arrangement of the filter, each filter level and type will have a different initial differential pressure.
Raw filter: initial difference is usually 17-42Pa.
Refinement: initial difference is usually between 55-160Pa.
Hepa filter: initial differential pressure is usually between 250-350Pa.
2. End pressure difference:
The degree of differential pressure will increase gradually over time of filter operation. When the filter reaches a certain differential pressure, it is necessary to replace the filter. It can be said that from the first difference to the end pressure difference is the life, the time of using the filter.
Coarse filtration: the final differential pressure is usually 200-250Pa.
Secondary filtration: final differential pressure is usually 400-450Pa
Hepa filter: final differential pressure is usually 500-750Pa.
IV. Filter change time:
Normally to calculate the life of the filter we have the following ways:
Measure the differential pressure according to the differential pressure end of the filter to be replaced.
Based on the time of use: for pre-filtration, replace 1 time every 3-4 months, for secondary filtration, replace once every 4-6 months, for fine filtration, replace 1 - 2 years for 1 - 2 years.

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