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Air filter bag

Bach Long Company is proud to be a distributor of wholesale and retail of F6 bags; F7; F8 with the best price in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces

Air filter bag F6; F7; F8 is a product of the secondary filter, in the air filtration system they play the role of protecting the rear HEPA / ULPA filters, helping to prolong the life of the final filtration levels. The bag filter line has many filters, but the most popular is still F6 air filter; F7; F8.


Dust filter, air filter for AHU system, clean room system, air conditioning system ...
Entering production activities such as drug factories, hospitals, buildings, food factories, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics ...
The production area requires high air quality.

With a team of highly skilled staff, we consult and follow the requirements of customers! Hotline 09 31 43 54 54 - sales@congnghelockhi.vn. Air Purification Technology - THE BEST PLACE OF CLEANING EQUIPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS IN VIETNAM.