Air shower

What is air shower?

An air blowing chamber, also known as an air shower, is installed in front of the doors of clean rooms to remove contaminants from employees before they use the clean room.

Principle of operation:

When people, objects, equipment move into the Air Shower, the system will be activated by sensor, clean air filtered through Hepa filter is blown out at high speed through the nozzle mounted on. The nozzle eliminates 99.99% of dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns. Gas velocity ranges from 20-26m / s. Contaminated air will be drawn into the slot at the bottom of the cabinet, filtered and then returned to the chamber.

Air shower can now be classified into:

Air Shower (air shower room, also known as air shower) type of door open a regular wing.
Air Shower (also known as an air shower) is a regular double-winged door opening.
Air Shower (also called air shower room) is a single-wing automatic door.
Air Shower (also known as an air shower) is a two-door automatic door.
Air shower (also known as air shower room) rolling door type.
Air Shower (air shower or also called air shower room) type roller shutter. (For materials).
Air Shower (air shower room, also known as air shower) type of door deflection.
Air Shower (also known as an air shower) is a liquid spray.
Air Shower (also known as air shower) is conveyor type.
Structure of 1 single air shower:


Air Shower is currently used in the following industries:

- Food industry: Producing and processing confectionery, fresh food, soft drinks, beer ...

- Cosmetics manufacturing industry: Body lotion, sunscreen, supplement pills ...

- Pharmaceutical industry: Producing medical equipment, drugs, vaccines ...

- Medical Industry: Operating room, blood storage room ...

- Electronics manufacturing industry: Manufacture of chips, boards, and microchips ...

- Agriculture: In order to create good crop varieties, with advantages and yields superior to traditional varieties ...

- Other: Clean room in the family for patients who need special care ....

Picture of 1 Air shower


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Air shower là buồng thổi khí hay còn gọi là buồng tắm khí được lắp đặt trước cửa ra vào của các phòng sạch nhằm mục đích loại bỏ các chất nhiễm bẩn trên người nhân viên trước khi họ sử dụng phòng sạch.