Air shower Pass Box

What is the Air shower Pass Box?

An air chamber is located at the entrance of a clean room to minimize the amount of contaminated air entering the room. This is an integrated device between the air shower and the pass box that is used to move small objects between clean rooms and unclean rooms.

Principle of operation.

When equipment and materials are transferred via air shower pass box, the system will be activated by sensor, clean air filtered through Hepa filter is blown out at high speed through nozzles mounted on the wall ( nozzle) removes 99.99% of dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns. Gas velocity ranges from 20-22m / s. Dirty gas is then drawn into the bottom of the transfer box, filtered and returned to the chamber. To increase the level of repelling dust, Air Shower Pass Box is adjusted with air shower time of 10-20 seconds depending on customer needs.


Air shower pas box is mainly used for moving equipment and materials. It helps to reduce the number of people transporting equipment and materials in and out of the room, thereby limiting the opening of clean rooms and cross-contamination in food production plants, medical equipment, and electrical components. electronics, cosmetics ...

Image Air shower Pass Box.

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