Cleanroom box glass

1. What is cleanroom box glass?
Cleanroom box glass (cleanroom double-glazed, cleanroom double-glazed windows) is a term used to refer to a special type of glass composed of two layers of tempered glass, laminated safety glass, and some other types of glass. . These glass layers are joined together by aluminum or 304 stainless steel bars and sealed with special glue. The glass box is vacuumed and injected with argon gas combined with some drying agent to ensure that the glass box does not fog up.

Due to the needs of use, glass boxes are produced with many different thicknesses and sizes depending on the requirements of customers. Glass boxes have thicknesses such as 20mm, 24mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm…. The largest glass box size is 1200mmx3000mm which is very convenient for large projects.


2. Outstanding advantages of box glass.
✔ Insulation: the inert gas layer inside the box glass has an insulating effect, limiting heat transfer from the outside environment to the inside while reducing the amount of heat lost from the inside to the outside.

✔ Sound insulation: separated by 2 layers of glass, it has high soundproofing ability and is not affected by outside noises. That's why in places that need quietness such as hospitals, cold rooms, research centers, etc., people often use box glass for high soundproofing efficiency.

✔ Safe, good bearing: the types of glass used to make box glass such as laminated glass, tempered glass, Acrylic... inherently have the characteristics of good impact resistance and less damage when broken. Therefore, when combined together, the bearing properties will be doubled, thereby ensuring the safety of the user and the long life of the product.

✔ High aesthetics: Glass boxes are now applied in a very flexible way. They have many different sizes, shapes, and colors so that we can easily choose the right design to increase the aesthetics of the project.

✔ Air Conditioning: Boxed glass can also cool the space in the summer and keep it warm in the winter. This is the reason that modern constructions prioritize the use of box glass…


3. How to identify standard glass panes.

Standard glass box:
Right size, thickness as required.
The glass box must be bright white, the glass must not be scratched, and the inside of the glass box must not be dusty.
Paint the edges of 4 edges are beautiful and sharp.
The entire surrounding of the glass box must be covered with a special silicone layer.
The glass box does not fog up when there is a difference in temperature.
Glass box is not up to standard:
Wrong size, thickness.
Glass is blurred, scratched, inside the glass box has dust.
The glass box does not achieve aesthetics if the border paint is uneven, not sharp.
During the process of vacuuming and injecting argon gas, the special silicone sealant surrounding the glass box is inflated.
The glass box is foggy when there is a difference in temperature.

4. Purpose of use of cleanroom box glass.
Cleanroom box glass is used to achieve the goal of significantly saving costs on energy consumption due to its super insulation properties, as well as the outstanding advantage of super sound insulation, which helps to reduce outside noise, increase maximum energy savings, absolute moisture resistance and structural sustainability, are factors of primary concern in the production.

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