Electric cabinets, trunking, cable trays

1. Inox electrical cabinet:

This type of electrical cabinet is made of stainless steel, protects internal electrical equipment, avoids the impact of the external environment and insulates electrical equipment with users.


Safe for the operator.
Stainless steel electrical cabinet is designed very safe. It is completely insulated between internal devices and the user. In particular, stainless steel material is stainless, not corroded, so it will prevent the impacts of the external environment such as wind, water, dust ... Therefore, the quality of the aptomat, the internal electric meter will not be affected. enjoy.

Save on repair costs.
Because it is made of durable stainless steel, waterproof, the cabinet will limit the damage outside as well as inside. You will not spend as much repair and maintenance costs as conventional electrical cabinets.

The stainless steel electrical cabinet is a monolithic rectangular block, solidly designed and durable, so its lifespan is quite long, you can rest assured to use. Moreover, it is able to withstand strong impacts as well as the effects of many times moving.

There are aesthetics.
Stainless steel material, shiny, brings luxury beauty to the user. In addition, on the market today, there are many beautiful, rich and diverse designs, designs, so users can freely choose a cabinet that suits their needs and purposes.


2. Trunking, stainless steel cable ladder.

Trunking products, stainless steel cable trays are used in special special environments such as factories with corrosive environments, hospitals, pharmaceutical warehouses, chemical plants, marine projects ... because stainless steel features against the corrosion of metals.


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