Glass box clean room

1. What is glass box?

Insulating glass (Double glazing) is the term used to refer to a special glass made up of two or more layers of glass, these glass layers are assembled together by aluminum gasket and sealed with glue. specialties. Inside the aluminum gaskets contain desiccant particles that absorb the air inside to form an inert gas layer. The inert gas layer is considered to be an effective wall to prevent heat and sound transmission.

The layers of box glass are usually produced with the same thickness and the type of glass used to make box glass is quite diverse from safety laminated glass, tempered glass, normal glass, ... However, in some special cases The difference between the thicknesses of the glass can be varied to achieve desired sound, heat insulation or safety requirements.

2. The structure of the glass box.

The insulated glass box is a type of glass made of two layers of tempered glass, separated between the glass layers by aluminum, steel, 304 stainless steel. other compounds to ensure the standard glass box, have the longest durability and maximize the insulation, sound insulation and especially avoid dew condensation.

Glass is bonded together by layers of Butyl glue, reducing the thermal conductivity between the rod and the glass layers, the glass box is covered with special glue to prevent air from entering the glass box, ensuring durability. stresses and extreme temperatures of the surrounding environment.

The glass is painted with black or white border depending on customer's requirements, the thickness of the glass box is 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 52mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm ...

3. Outstanding advantages of glass box.
✔️ Insulation: the inert gas layer inside the glass box insulates heat, limits heat transfer from the outside to the inside and reduces the amount of heat lost from the inside out to ensure the inside space is always cool. summer and warm in winter. Moreover, thanks to the structure of two or more layers of glass, the box glass gives a better light reflection ability, keeping the space inside from getting hot.

✔️ Soundproof: separated by 2 layers of glass, inert gas layer and silicon layer to keep the inner space of the glass box quiet, not affected by outside noise. That is why, in places where quietness is needed such as high-class hotels, hospitals, cold rooms, research centers, ... people often use box glass for high soundproofing.

✔️ Safe, good bearing: types of glass used to make box glass such as laminated glass, tempered glass, ... inherently have the characteristics of good impact resistance and less damage when broken. Therefore, when combined together, the bearing properties will be doubled, thereby ensuring user security and long service life for the product.

✔️ High aesthetics: Glass box is now used in a very flexible way. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, making it easy for us to choose the right design to increase the aesthetics of the project. Even, people also design all kinds of decorative spokes inside the glass box to match the overall architecture of each space.

✔️ Air conditioner: Glass box can also cool the space in summer and keep it slightly warm in winter. This is the reason that modern buildings prioritize the use of box glass.

4. The biggest drawback of the glass box.
⛔ High cost: Due to possessing many outstanding features, using many details and many technologies, the price of box glass is always much higher than other types of glass.

⛔ Heavy weight: Because the use of laminated glass with aluminum gaskets and the weight of the glass box is also twice as heavy as that of laminated glass, tempered glass, ... and sturdy hinge.

5. Standard glass box:

· Right size and thickness as required.

The glass box must be bright white, the glass is not scratched, the inside of the glass box is not dust and dirt.

The 4-sided border paint is all beautiful and sharp.

· All around the glass box must be coated with a special silicon layer.

· Glass box does not fog when there is a difference in temperature.

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