Sanitary equipment for buffer rooms

As one of the strategic partners of Our company Bach Long specializes in providing sanitary equipment for buffer rooms such as:

Touch faucet.
Touch hand dryer.
Induction alcohol spray.
Touch soap box
Smart touch bin ... for buffer room.
The buffer room is where employees and workers wash their hands, spread their heads neatly, wear protective clothing (clothes, shoes, boots, gloves, masks, glasses, hoods) ... before going to clean rooms to work.

Why did we choose to become a partner of

Sanitary ware products is a pure Vietnamese product line, researched and created by a team of Vietnamese engineers, based on the motto: "Vietnamese intellectual products - Reserved for Vietnamese houses. " launched the Green product line - Environmental protection: Power saving (4 AA batteries can be used for 3 years), durability up to 5 years, and after the end of use, it can be re-used. up to 99%, absolute environmental protection. has been and continues to research and produce smart products that are suitable for the current economic conditions of Vietnamese people.

Regarding design, products are designed based on Vietnamese culture. Modern but bold Vietnamese culture.

Material products are safe for humans and the environment.


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