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A clean room is an environment that has specific requirements for temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness and cross-contamination. Where the amount of dust, bacteria in the air, aerosol particles ("aerosol" is the word for suspended substances in the lower atmosphere, including dust particles, smoke, water, heavy metal particles ... Aerosol can be produced naturally or artificially) and chemical vapors are strictly controlled on 1m3.

Therefore, all equipment and tools used in clean rooms must meet certain standards, have antistatic ability, do not produce dust on their own, limit the ability of self-adhering to dirt and most is not affected by external factors.

Bach Long Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a unit with strengths of professional, technical engineers and distribution representatives of reputable manufacturers at home and abroad. We always strive to provide intelligent, optimal, affordable solutions and a reliable address for every individual and company.

Our mission and vision are always to serve people, protect the environment comprehensively, and uphold 8 core values ​​throughout the operation.

Technical: Do everything always detailed, meticulous, neat and clean.
Creativity: Is always questioning how to do better? Anything more?
Quality: Every activity comes from passion, always perfect in every product and service. Each product is a work of art.
Development: With Customers, Employees are friends and grow together. Development is the only way for everything to exist forever.
Responsibility: We are fully and absolutely responsible for 100% of everything that has happened and will happen in business.
Grateful: Bach Long operates as a citizen. Bach Long is really grateful to our employees, customers, partners ... who have been developing Bach Long with increasing and sustainable development.
Integrity: The truth of truth helps us make the right decision, take the right action to improve the situation.
Punctuality: When doing anything, always strive to get it done before and on time. Any changes made during the implementation must always be updated before the deadline for the customer.
We always put ourselves into customers to understand customers. So let us take care of your Company!

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