Pass Box/Air shower Pass Box

What is a Pass Box?

Pass Box is also known as a transfer box for goods, materials, and finished products between clean room A and another clean room or clean room and normal room.

Pass Box is used to keep the balance of the clean room by restricting the use of the main door and controlling pollution, cross-contamination of clean rooms between rooms of different cleanliness levels or clean rooms and common room.

Equilibrium is the state in which the amount of dust, bacteria in the air, aerosol particles, temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness, cross contamination are controlled and controlled.

Pass Box is widely applied in the industry of manufacturing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biology, medical devices, electronic components, food ...

Standard Pass Box is designed as follows:

Main materials: Manufactured in stainless steel (201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel), or powder coated steel ...
The Pass Box has two front and rear doors with a 5mm thick transparent glass sight, sealed with rubber gaskets.
The two doors of Pass Box are linked together by interlock. Interlock is a type of lock that makes two doors cannot be opened at the same time, meaning that one door will have one door closed.

Types of Pass Box:

Pass Box mount electric interlock.
Pass Box mount interlock motor.
Pass Box with UV disinfection attached.
Pass Box with interphone or to communicate between rooms ...
Customers can order separate production to suit the needs of use.

Photos a few Pass Box:

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Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box is a device used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Static Pass Box

Static Pass Box, also known as Static Passbox, is used to transfer materials, semi-finished products, and finished products between two rooms with different levels of cleanliness in a pharmaceutical factory.

Air shower Pass Box

Là một buồng chứa khí được đặt tại lối ra vào của phòng sạch nhằm giảm thiểu lượng khí nhiễm khuẩn xâm nhập vào phòng. Đây là thiết bị tích hợp giữa air shower và pass box chuyên dùng để di chuyển các vật nhỏ giữa phòng sạch và phòng không sạch.