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Air curtain

1.What is a wind cutting fan?
A wind-cutting fan, also known as a wind-blocking fan, is a device installed at doors to create an invisible air curtain separating two different temperature environments.

2. Operating principle of the wind cutting fan.
Air breaker fans are designed according to the general principle that when the motor operates, the motor's movement will be transmitted to the centrifugal squirrel-cage blades and create a barrier with air pressure that separates the entire environment. indoor air environment and outside air environment.

3. Uses.
Prevent cold air from the air conditioner from escaping.
Prevents insects, odors, bacteria, and outside dust from entering inside.
Previously, when there were no windscreen fans, the place where air conditioners were installed had to be enclosed spaces to limit heat loss. But now, with the appearance of windscreen fans at the door, you can open the door as you like and the air conditioner can still operate stably and effectively, without fear of losing cold air, without worrying about wasting electricity. energy and ensure the interior space is always clean and fresh. It can be said that the importance of windscreen fans is very great and this is a very necessary product to accompany air conditioning systems in places where people go in and out constantly and frequently.

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