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Clean room

What is a clean room?

"Clean room" is a closed office where the amount of dust, bacteria in the air, aerosol particles ("aerosol" is the word for suspended substances in the air at lower levels, including dust particles). , smoke, water, heavy metal particles ... Aerosol can be produced in nature or man-made) and chemical vapors are strictly controlled on 1m3.

Currently, many people are confusing the concepts of "clean room" and "clean area". So what is the difference between these two concepts? Understand simply in a clean room with a clean area. This clean area has its own standard and is often higher than the general standard of the existing clean room.

For example, in a drug factory, in order to ensure the quality of the drug, clean rooms will have different clean areas, the standard depends on the purpose of use. The clean area is designed as clean rooms with hard walls, soft walls or fixed hard walls with walls made of PVC film.

In addition to ensuring a working room is always in a "clean room" state. When constructing a clean room, we must control 5 factors:

1. Temperature

The temperature in a clean room must always be in the most balanced and appropriate level. The temperature should generally be 21 degrees Celsius and allowable fluctuations are about 2 degrees Celsius.

The ambient temperature is always changing with the weather, but the temperature in the clean production room must ensure stability according to design requirements. Therefore, there must be a dedicated HVAC system for clean rooms calculated to achieve the highest efficiency for each project of each clean level.

It is important to maintain a standard temperature in a clean room to keep employees comfortable. When staff or technicians shiver or sweat while operating, working they release a higher amount of particles into your clean room. This, has the potential to pollute the environment and compromise production standards.

2. Humidity

Similar to temperature, humidity is also an important factor when designing clean rooms. The humidity outside the clean room is also constantly changing according to weather and regional factors, but the humidity in a clean room, especially some parts of the electronics and pharmaceutical production process, must be absolutely stable. specified within the allowed range. Humidity factor will be calculated synchronously in a dedicated HVAC system for clean rooms.

3. Pressure

The next factor when building a clean room is pressure. Because the basic principle of air is flow from high pressure to low pressure. Therefore, in a clean room environment, the air pressure must be balanced to prevent bacteria, viruses and dirt from spreading outside the clean room (dirty environment) to the clean room environment.

4. Cleanliness

The next important factor in determining whether a room is really clean or not is its cleanliness. The ability to remove all bacteria, viruses and dust particles is a factor in the assessment of cleanliness in a clean room. To design clean room construction, one must ensure the purification of all the dust with the size of over 0.5 microns. High-performance HEPA, ULPA filtration systems are integrated in the HVAC system according to each option to suit the Investor's investment costs.

5. Cross contamination

You can simply understand that cross-contamination is an undesirable contamination of impurities of a chemical or microbiological nature, or strange particles entering or onto a starting material or intermediate in finished products. manufacturing, sampling, packaging, storage and transport processes. Therefore, during the construction of a clean room, it is required to synchronously design a clean room system from the wall of the room surface, the logictic process (the way people operate, the way to move goods in and out, production waste), electromechanical system, auxiliary accompanying.

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