Hepa Box-FFU/BFU

Let's first understand the definition of Hepa Box-FFU / BFU and there is no difference between Hepa Box-FFU / BFU.

What is Hepa Box-FFU / BFU?

Is a device made of stainless steel (Inox 201, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel), or powder coated steel ... with Hepa filter inside to use air filter. They are usually designed as a box with input and output.


Hepa Box-FFU / BFU is used in hospital environment, factories producing pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, electronics, cosmetics, supermarkets and high-rise buildings ……

How to distinguish Hepa Box-FFU / BFU:

Hepa Box: A normal filter box, without a fan.

FFU stands for Fan filter unit, has a suction fan and can adjust the wind speed of the fan. They are designed into 1 module attached together.

BFU is often referred to as a variant of FFU. They have exhaust fans but are composed of two independent and separate modules. They are connected together via hoses or flexible joints.


Hepa Box



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