Clean Room Equipment

What is clean room equipment?

The machines, equipment, tools that support the air, humidity, pressure and control of dust in a clean room in other words, it determines the cleanliness of the room.

The common clean room equipment:

- Air Shower (air shower room, air shower): Air blowing chamber, also known as air shower room, is installed in front of the entrance of clean rooms in order to remove contaminants on the staff before they use clean room.

- Pass Box: A transit box for goods, raw materials and finished products between clean room A and another clean room or clean room and normal room.

- Air Shower Pass Box: is an integrated device between air shower and pass box specialized in bringing materials, equipment ... between clean room A and another clean room or clean room and normal room.

- Clean Bench: A desk used exclusively in a clean room environment. Clean Bench is designed with negative or positive pressure depending on the material operating on the table.

- FFU / BFU:

FFU (Fan filter Unit) is a product used to install HEPA filter mounted on the ceiling of a clean room to filter clean air to supply room air. The product is equipped with an exhaust fan and is capable of adjusting the exhaust fan speed according to the requirements of the clean room. First, the air will be drawn by the fan and go through the pre-filter, then the HEPA H13 filter and radiate to the clean room.

Blower Filter Unit (BFU) is known as a variant of FFU air filter (Fan Filter Unit). Unlike FFU, however, this is an air filter designed in forced form, connected to the duct by soft air duct or flexible coupling. These ducts make it easier and easier to connect the air-conditioning system, increase the pressure and the airflow, increase the circulation multiplier for clean rooms.

- Hepa Box: Is an air purifier used primarily in the supply of final air in clean plants such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, electronics, semiconductors, products, super Towns and tall buildings ……


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