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The goal of a clean room is to provide a space, a working and research environment in which dust content (particle size, quantity), temperature, humidity, pressure, sterility, cross contamination, etc. are kept within strict limits.

And clean room equipment are machines, equipment and tools that assist in handling air, humidity, pressure and controlling dust in clean rooms. These devices are divided into three main groups:

Equipment group:

1. Air shower - Air shower - Dust blower chamber.
2. ass Box - Transshipment box - Transshipment cabinet - shipping box.
3. Air shower Pass Box - Material-specific air shower.
4. Clean Bench - Clean benches.
5. Biosafety Cabinet - Biological safety cabinet.
6. FFU - Fan filter Unit - Air filter box - The same equipment as BFU, HFU, ...
7. Hepa Box - Filter box.
8. Clean Booth - Mobile clean room.
9. LAF - Material weighing room.

Tools group:

1. Clean room industrial table, anti-static, clean room chair .
2. Anti-static tray, anti-static storage box.
3. Stainless steel trolley antistatic.
4. Antistatic rack.
5. Anti static curtain.

Protective gear:

1. Clean room garments, clean room suit.
2. Clean room shoes cover.
3. Clean room mask.
4. Clean room cap, clean room head cover.
5. Clean room gloves, clean room gloves.

Measuring instruments:

1. Static field meter.
2. Particle counter.
3. Air velcro counter.
4. Air filters, clean room filters HEPA, ULPA .
5. These models measure clean rooms, check clean rooms, measure static electricity to control pollution, prevent contamination.


1. Sticky mat.
2. Rubber mat.
3. Cotton swab components.
4. Clean room wiper.
5. Write clean room, clean room paper.

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