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Portable air purifier

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that has the function of removing microscopic dust that is hard to see with the naked eye and allergens in the air such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen by suction and capture pollutants with a standard HEPA dust filter or remove unpleasant odors and toxic gases with an activated carbon membrane.

Illustration of Bach Long air purifier:


Structure 1 air purifier: Frame, exhaust fan and filter.

The chassis is made from stainless steel (Inox 304/316/201) or powder coated steel, which protects the internal components from the impact of dirt or other damaging agents. Durability over time.
Exhaust fan: Fan speed directly determines the pollution treatment time and capacity of the machine.
Membrane: Is the most important part that determines the efficiency of dust filtration. The polluted air after being sucked will pass through a multi-layer filter system: coarse filter, deodorizing filter and HEPA filter to help retain most of the agents that affect health such as microscopic dust, odors, bacteria. Allergic agents...
Features of Bach Long air purifier:

Replacing the filter is very easy.
Follow Customer's request.
Power wheels help due to easy movement.
Safety lock keeps the vehicle in place.
Child safety lock.

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