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Warranty and return policy

a. Warranty Policy:

Warranty period: Warranty period will depend on the company's product. Usually 12 months.
Warranty conditions
The service / product will be warranted if the following conditions are met:

- Warranty period: Recorded on the warranty card.
- B&L seal remains intact.
- Warranty location: Based on information on warranty card.
- Warranty card, user manual ... intact.
- No warranty in case the Customer voluntarily dismantles, intervenes to repair, and connects peripherals to the door system without the consent of the Company.

b. Return policy:

- Purchase defective: Please check the goods before signing for receipt, if the goods are not in accordance with the specifications, please notify the Company immediately at Hotline 093 143 54 54 and do not sign for receipt.

- We will notify the time to return to customers in writing within 2 working hours.