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Class III biological safety cabinet

Class 3 biosafety cabinets provide an absolute level of safety that cannot be achieved by class 1 and class 2 biosafety cabinets. The cabinet is designed to hold the gas tight. Employees and professionals operate in the cabinet through the glove ports on the front of the cabinet.


All air in the working chamber and sample transfer box is maintained under negative pressure compared to the pressure outside the working room. And the working chamber pressure is slightly lower than the sample transfer box to ensure that contaminated samples do not leak into the environment.

Features of PLC programmable controller:

The controller is arranged on the front of the cabinet, at eye level for the user, convenient for operation and monitoring
Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms and diagnostics
Warn when:
– Air flow velocity is not satisfactory

– Simultaneous opening of the inside/outside door of the sample transfer chamber buồng

– The door in the sample transfer chamber does not close when the glass door is opened

Controller with external switch activates electrical outlet inside working chamber
The pressure gauge displays the filter pressure inside the working chamber to increase safety if there is a gas leak due to the meter.

Level 3 biological safety cabinet filter making system:

The filter system ensures air cleanliness to meet class 100
The filter system is designed with 04 filters:
o 01 Pre-filter removes > 90% of particles with size 5 microns, prolongs HEPA filter life

o 01 HEPA filter for air inflow

o 02 HEPA filters 14 for exhaust gas to ensure complete removal of pathogenic biological agents from the air before being discharged into the environment

HEPA filter with 99.993% filtration efficiency
HEPA filter with protective metal mesh surface
The cabinet is designed to easily remove/replace the front element filter
Device Configuration:

01 Class 3 biological safety cabinet and sample transfer box

01 Set of 05 filters (pre-installed in the cabinet)

01 UV lamp (built-in cabinet)

01 Fluorescent lamp (built-in cabinet)

02 Sockets inside the cabinet (built-in in the cabinet)

04 Working gloves (pre-installed on the cabinet)

01 Manufacturer's synchronous stand

01 Exhaust fan

01 Stainless steel worktop, removable, spill-proof design or dust-proof natural granite.

01 Cabinet made entirely of stainless steel (Inox 304 or 316)

01 Air Tight Damper (Air Tight Damper)

01 Anti Blowback Valve (Anti Blowback Valve)

01 Dirty air filter cabinet fecal carbon filter

04 Meters Exhaust


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