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Class II safety cabinets

Class 2 biosafety cabinets protect the user, the test material and the environment as all air passes through the HEPA filter. There are 4 types: type A1, A2, B1 and B2. Each type is designed based on NSF international standards. Approximately 95% of biosafety cabinets used are grade A2.

Biological safety cabinets operate on the principle of creating an air film around the sample collection by an exhaust fan above the cabinet. This gas layer will then recede below the work surface, then go up the cabinet through the HEPA filter. The gas layer in front of the cabinet is also drawn down below the working surface. This layer of gas also acts as a barrier of contaminated air inside back to the operator.

Image of a level II safety cabinet.

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Biological safety cabinet level 2 - A 1

A biosafety cabinet is a ventilated enclosure that protects the user, product and the environment from aerosols arising from handling potentially hazardous microorganisms. A continuous flow of air is released to the atmosphere through the HEPA filter.

Class 2-A2 . biological safety cabinet

Class 2 safety cabinets provide mid-range protection. Like class 1 cabinets, the device can safely handle microorganisms at biosafety levels 1-3. Level 2 cabinets are commonly used widely in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and research. and pharmaceuticals... This equipment is gradually replacing many existing level 1 cabinets as they provide better efficiency. Specifically, level 2 cabinets can protect the user, the test material and the environment because all the air passes through the HEPA filter.

Class 2 biological safety cabinet type B1

Class II, type B1 are used for the highest safety protection purposes: protection of workers, items, and the working environment. Especially suitable for use in laboratories that use volatile toxic chemicals and radioactive agents in microbiological research.

Biological safety cabinet level 2 - B2

Class 2 biological safety cabinet type B2 is a biological safety cabinet that protects people, specimens and the environment with a high degree of safety protection with 0% recirculation air, 100% exhaust air through external rigid pipes. outside the laboratory.