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Downflow Booths

What are DownFlow Booths?

Downflow is a self-contained biosafety chamber that provides the highest level of operator protection from harmful airborne contaminants generated during powder handling/liquid sorting or weighing operations and raw material sampling, tablet and capsule production, packaging, feeding and dispensing. Achieve a low OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) without additional protection.

Downflow also provides product protection from surrounding area contamination by creating a clean processing area that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination from other products/processes. Downflow is designed to be attached to a movable operator barrier to achieve local lower OEL values, if required.

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DownFlow Booths are widely applied in the industry:

Good chemistry

Modular design for easy cleaning, installation, minimizing joints.
It is possible to install 1 or 2 or 3 stages of Hepa filter system, ULPA filter suitable for the application
Detachable baffle for easy access to the fine filter container.
Select recirculating or single-pass gas flow for solvents or hazardous vapors that occur during work (also requires fireproof electronic components).
It is possible to equip additional cooling lines to absorb excess heat during air recirculation.
Easy-to-replace HEPA/ULPA filter adhesive, which is more reliable than traditional sealants.
Pressure compensation system for fans to achieve high air flow stability.
The clock from the glass, the hand allows for a realistic display of the air flow and filter status.
The room is disassembled for transport and easily reassembled at the point of use.
The compact ceiling and rear chamber allow for increased working area and maximum reduction in floor space.
Provide IQ/OQ upon request.
The teardrop shape energy-saving lamp minimizes impact on air flow.
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