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Clean Booth

We will learn together what is the Weight Chamber-Laf?

First of all, the weight chamber must still be a " clean room ". " Clean room " is a closed office where the amount of dust, bacteria in the air, aerosol particles ("aerosol" is the term for substances suspended in the air in the lower floors, including dust particles, smoke). , water, heavy metal particles ... Aerosol can be produced naturally or artificially) and chemical vapor is strictly controlled per m3.     

The material weighing chamber, test packaging is a clean room or cleaning area with a small material area that provides protection during sampling, weighing or distillation. Cross balances and checks the operator protects against harmful particles during operation. Weighing chamber is simply designed for easy assembly and production, can be fixed, suspended or mobile according to usage requirements.  

Weighing Chamber - Clean Room - This is a clean area with its own standard and usually higher than the standard of the existing room.

LAF, which stands for Laminar Air Flow, refers to the air flow in which the gas becomes layered without harmony and without collisions (i.e. rapid changes in velocity and pressure. and chaos). The laminar flow principle consists of moving individual ultra-clean, unidirectional air currents along the road tracks with minimal turbulence. Laminar airflow is used to separate volumes of air or to prevent airborne pollutants from entering an area.   

Weighing chamber-LAF is often used in factories of food, cosmetics, medicine, vaccines for humans, animals, medical equipment, electronic components, motherboards, operating rooms, laboratories, institutes research ... to create areas with high requirements for cleanliness to ensure safety for employees, experts, operators, materials, products ... While manipulation is very easy to occur. Dust, smog, compound environment, chemicals, heavy metal particles, water ... fly from one area to another. This is very easy to lead to problems affecting product quality, effectiveness of research works, even harming users if combined together to create toxins, molds ... So the Weight Chamber is often used to ensure a steady state.     

Picture of 1 material balance PVC wall:

What is special about a balanced database ? 

- Text frame: Stainless steel or powder coated steel creates solid, sharp and aesthetically pleasing designs.

- Wall (Wall): PVC film or not or steel powder coating.

- Window: PVC or super speed rolling door.

- Air filter: Filter G4 raw and filter F8 standard EN779.

- Wind filter: Hepa H14 filter 99.999% efficiency with dust particles below 0.3µm. EN1822 standards. 

- Blower: High pressure type, adjustable wind speed.

- Blow air flow is: 0.45 m / s (± 20%, Hepa filter 15-30cm).

- Equipped with lights inside LAF.

- Open / close UV web browsing with remote control.

- Control Panel.

- Differential pressure meter 0-500 Pa.

- The PAO checks the port.

- Operation of socket equipment.

- Design according to GMP standard.

- Power supply: 220V / 50Hz or 380V / 50Hz.

Picture 1 laf of sampling scale:

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