Movable clean room (clean booth)- Material weighing chamber

To understand these types of clean rooms we will learn about the concept of them:

What is a Movable clean room (clean booth)-Material weighing chamber?

Movable clean room (clean booth)-Material weighing chamber is still a "clean room". "A clean room" is a closed office where the amount of dust, bacteria in the air, aerosol particles ( "aerosol" is the word for suspended substances in the lower atmosphere, including dust particles, smoke, water, heavy metal particles ... Aerosol can be produced in nature or man-made) and vaporized. The substance is strictly controlled on 1m3.

These clean rooms are usually small in size and they are used to create clean areas. This clean area has its own standard and is often higher than the general standard of the existing room.

Currently in factories producing Food, Cosmetics, Medicines, Vaccines for humans, for animals, Medical devices, Electronic components, Motherboards, Operating rooms, Laboratories, Research institutes ... are This plant usually has a large area. During operation, dust, smoke, solvents, chemicals, heavy metal particles, water, etc. are likely to fly from one area to another. This easily leads to the influence on the quality of products, the effectiveness of research works, even causing harm to humans if in the case of the combined particles creating toxins, molds .. .. So the Clean Booth - Weight Chamber is often used to ensure steady state.

General characteristics of the mobile clean room (clean booth) - Weight:

Cost: Usually costs less than a normal clean room.

Cleanliness: The airflow is vertical, so it is easy to improve the cleanliness.

Flexibility: Fast execution time. Can be fixed or mounted wheels to move them from one area to another.

Connectivity: When it is necessary to create a large temporary clean room we can assemble them with many modules.


Dimension : Depending on the Customer's request.
Frames : Stainless steel frame, powder coated steel, aluminum.
Wall : PVC film, Mica, Stainless steel, Tole with powder coating.
Air filtration equipment : The FFU with Hepa filter is used to provide clean air for the room.
Lights : Led light.
Other requirements : Depending on the needs of customers.

Illustrative image of 1 Clean Booth.

Just like a clean room, the clean booth - The scale is designed with positive and negative pressure. Positive pressure is applied in the case of avoiding airborne particles, bacteria, and aerosols ("aerosols" are words for airborne suspended matter, including dust, smoke, and water). , heavy metal particles ... Aerosol can be produced in nature or man-made) and chemical vapor penetrates. Negative pressure prevents particles from dispersing into the environment, causing harm to officials, workers, experts and equipment in the existing room.

Image illustrating a clean room - Weighing chamber with negative pressure.

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