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Air Shower Conveyor

Air shower is an air blowing chamber, also known as an air shower, installed in front of the door of clean rooms for the purpose of removing contaminants on products and materials before being brought into the clean room.

- Principle of operation: When an object moves into the Air Shower, the system will be started thanks to the induction sensor, the clean air that has been filtered through the HEPA filter is blown out at high speed through the nozzles mounted on Nozzle removes 99.99% of dirt particles as small as 0.3 microns. The gas velocity is in the range of 20-26 m/s. Contaminated air will be drawn into the slot at the bottom of the cabinet, filtered and then returned to the chamber.

- Used in clean room applications such as: Food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and electronic technology, scientific research, agriculture...

Features of air shower tunnel conveyor:

+, Roller material: SUS, load capacity 100kg.

+, Belt: Anti-static conveyor belt.

+, Roller speed is adjustable.

+, UV sterilizer lamp.

+, Can be controlled remotely.

+, There is an operating status indicator light.

+, The emergency stop switch brings the device to the deactivated state immediately.

+, Power off mechanism when there is a problem.

+, The opening up and down at a fast speed helps to ensure the isolation between the dirty and clean environment quickly and effectively.

+, Anti-static transparent PVC rolling door anti-static.

Warranty: The equipment warranty is 1 year.

- Technical support: 5 years after the warranty period.

- About replacing components: Normal HEPA filters need to change HEPA filters every 6 months - 1 year. The pre-filter needs to be changed every 3-6 months.

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Products specifications
Model B&L-ASBT-980W
Exterior Size W*D*H mm 980*960*2250mm
Interior Size W*D*H mm 500*960*500mm
Power Source AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Jet Nozzles 18
Air Velocity 22-25m / s
Air Shower Time 0-99 seconds adjustable
Filter Efficacy 99.99% 0.3um
Pre G4
Material SUS 210, SUS 430, SUS 304 or powder coated Tole
Lighting Ceiling Led
Electronic Lock An interlock is a system consisting of two interconnected doors. One door cannot be opened until the other is closed.
Fan AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Blowing direction 3 directions. On the ceiling and sides
Customized design welcome B&L produced according to customer's request