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Air shower with super speed and automatic sliding doors

Air showers are specially designed for transporting raw materials, finished products or semi-finished products in factories

- Used in clean room applications such as: Food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and electronic technology, scientific research, agriculture...

- Advantages of air shower with rolling door and automatic door:

+, Can be controlled remotely.

+, Don't waste time opening the door.

+, Does not take up space for the door when opening.

+, Save cost.

+, Used to blow dust for forklifts or large cargo transportation needs. Especially the raw material warehouse.

+, The opening up and down at a fast speed helps to ensure the isolation between the dirty and clean environment quickly and effectively.

Warranty: The equipment warranty is 1 year.

- Technical support: 5 years after the warranty period.

- About replacing components: Normal HEPA filters need to change HEPA filters every 6 months - 1 year. The pre-filter needs to be changed every 3-6 months.

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Factory: 365/13 Provincial Road 15, Tan Thanh Dong, Cu Chi, City. Ho Chi Minh

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Products specifications
Model B&L-ASTTD-2000W
Exterior Size W*D*H mm 2000*5500*2200mm
Interior Size W*D*H mm 1300*5400*1940mm
Power Source AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Jet Nozzles 110
Air Velocity 22-25m / s
Air Shower Time 0-99 seconds adjustable
Filter Efficacy 99.99% 0.3um
Pre G4
Material SUS 210, SUS 430, SUS 304 or powder coated Tole
Door type Rolling door opening and closing speed 0.8m/s to 2.0m/s made of polyester fabric, PVC plastic and electric (or mechanical) automatic sliding door.
Lighting Ceiling Led
Electronic Lock An interlock is a system consisting of two interconnected doors. One door cannot be opened until the other is closed.
Fan AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Bacterial removal efficiency > 90%
Noise level <68dBA
Customized design welcome B&L produced according to customer's request