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Clean Room Door

What is a clean room door?

Clean room doors are specialized equipment, installed for rooms that require an almost absolute clean environment such as hospital operating rooms, drug preparation rooms, electronic manufacturing rooms, scientific research rooms, etc.

In the process of opening the door, ordinary doors do not ensure a tight seal, leading to bacteria and dust from outside entering the room, causing air pollution, affecting the health of the patient as well as the patient. as research results. Therefore, rooms requiring high air cleanliness must be fitted with separate doors to ensure control of dust content (particle size, number of particles), temperature, pressure, humidity, sterility, cross-contamination within the allowable range.

Bach Long Company manufactures and supplies the following types of specialized doors for clean rooms:

1. Electric interlock door.

2. Automatic sliding door.

3. Semi-automatic sliding door.

4. Exit door.

5. Super speed rolling door.

6. Fireproof door.

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