Dedicated automatic door for Clean Room

What is automatic clean room door?

Specialized equipment in preventing dirt, bacteria from entering the room. Clean room automatic doors are used in: Food industry, Cosmetic manufacturing industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical industry, Electronic manufacturing industry ...

Bach Long Co., Ltd we currently specialize in supplying automatic doors Kodo Korea: Ray 2m, Ray 3m, Ray 4m, Ray 5m, Ray 6m ... and spare parts.

* Structure of automatic doors:

- Motor: Place that provides electrical energy for the door to operate. Usually use the type with a capacity of 60- 75W.

Sensor (Sensor): also known as the god eye. It works to detect people or objects moving in a distance of about 1-3 meters to signal to other parts to open the door.

- Control panel (Controller): Receive signals from sensors to control doors.

- Belt (drive belt): is attached through the motor parts and pulley used to load the door to move left or right for the door to operate.

- Ray-cover: Ray for wall mounting while attaching automatic door components to this unit. The lid fits the length of the rail, when finished, use the mounting cap to make the door more beautiful and protect the door device parts inside.

- Hand hanging wheel: Attach the door to this unit, the wheel will slide on the rails to help the door open or close.

- Pulley: Attached to the rails and rotated with a belt (to increase speed, increase power ..) to load the door.

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