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Biological safety cabinet level 2 - B2

Class 2 biological safety cabinet type B2 is a biological safety cabinet that protects people, specimens and the environment with a high degree of safety protection with 0% recirculation air, 100% exhaust air through external rigid pipes. outside the laboratory.


Is a biological safety cabinet that protects the environment from Microorganisms and chemicals
Type B2 is designed to protect the environment in laboratories where the use of recirculated filter gas is not permitted, as chemical vapors may be released during cabinet use.
Chemical vapors cannot be captured by the filter and it would be very harmful if re-circulated in the laboratory space. Therefore, class II biological safety cabinets type B2 must have ducts for fans to blow all gas out of the laboratory. As with the design of Class II Class A2 cabinets, Class B2 cabinets are also suitable for use with any biosafety level.
Outstanding features compared to A1, A2, B1:
Electric front glass door
Time preset function
Display operating time of HEPA filter and UV lamp
Automatically adjust engine speed with filter block
The workbench is always surrounded by negative pressure airflow, providing maximum safety for the work area
Audio and visual warnings:
The filter needs to be replaced
+ Door opens too high
+ Abnormal air flow rate
Most accessories are supplied as standard, no additional purchase required
The remote controller can adjust all the parameters, making it convenient to operate
The front door height switch with foot pedal helps to avoid having to pull your hand out, which can cause turbulence in the airflow in the cabinet.
Link function between controls:
+ Turn on the fluorescent lamp will automatically turn off the UV light đèn
+ Turning on the UV lamp will turn off the fluorescent lamp and the engine.
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