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Class 2-A2 . biological safety cabinet

Class 2 safety cabinets provide mid-range protection. Like class 1 cabinets, the device can safely handle microorganisms at biosafety levels 1-3. Level 2 cabinets are commonly used widely in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and research. and pharmaceuticals... This equipment is gradually replacing many existing level 1 cabinets as they provide better efficiency. Specifically, level 2 cabinets can protect the user, the test material and the environment because all the air passes through the HEPA filter.

General features:

Average air flow rate (minimum) is 0.5m/s
Negative pressure chamber and tubes surrounding all pipes and contamination chamber have negative pressure
Hepa-filtered gas will be discharged to the environment or the laboratory through the exhaust pipe
The cabinet recirculates 40% of the air, and 60% is discharged to the outside of the room through the exhaust pipe.
The cabinet should be connected to the exhaust system
Application: Work environments with medium or low risk biological agents
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