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Clean Bench

What is Clean Bench?

Clean Bench is a self-contained workbench. It is designed to prevent airborne dust and dirt from adhering to or contaminating the product or equipment being handled by professionals or personnel. Clean air that has passed through the high-efficiency air filter (HEPA filter) flows directly to the product, which helps maintain a high level of cleanliness even in locations with low cleanliness levels. They are mainly used in factories and laboratories.

The “clean bench” laminar flow discharges HEPA filtered air from the back or top of the cabinet across the work surface and towards the user. These devices only provide product and equipment protection. They can be used for certain clean operations, such as aseptic assembly or dust-free electronics. Clean benches should never be used when handling cell cultures, drug formulations, potentially infectious materials, or any other potentially hazardous materials. Depending on the actual use needs, will choose horizontal or vertical airflow.

Advantages of two horizontal and vertical airflow:

A vertical airflow cleaning bench does not require as much depth and floor space as horizontal airflow, making it easier to manage and reducing the risk of airflow obstruction or contaminated air collection at the countertop. .

The safety level of the Clean Bench is relatively higher because it does not blow air directly towards the experimenter. The installed front shield acts as a barrier against smoke by preventing direct blow to the operator's face. In addition, in the Clean Bench filter replacement system in horizontal airflow it is necessary to move the Clean Bench and cabinet but in the vertical airflow chamber it is much quicker and easier to replace the filter, as the filter placed at the top of the vertical module.

Finally, vertical airflow layered devices have a more one-way effect and less turbulence from the airflows projected through them on the products being handled.

Clean Bench is classified:

Circulation type: This type circulates clean air like a common clean room.
Lightweight workbench: The workbench is made of glass or acrylic; Plus, it has a fluorescent light.
Drain Bench: Includes a sink with faucet.
Drying table: Equipped with infrared light allows the material to dry quickly.
Built-in bench: floor-standing units are built into the unit.
Exhaust Bench: This type allows air to be drawn in from the workstation or only part of it.
Vibration-free bench: This type allows the gap between the main unit and the desk to be vibration-free.

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