Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box is a device used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Advantages of Dynamic Pass Box:
Designed with stainless steel material, the surface does not generate dust, high chemical resistance to the environment.
The structure is designed in a closed, seamless and smooth form, bringing high aesthetics, easy to clean.
The PLC programming control panel makes adjustments quick and easy.
Straight air flow and floor return design ensure the highest cleanliness.
Electronic interlock helps to quickly open and close to minimize cross-contamination.
The differential pressure gauge helps control the airflow through the filter and the filter life.
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Structural drawing of 1 Dynamic Pass Box:

Products specifications
Model BL-PBD
Exterior Size W*D*H mm 1000*880*1400mm
Interior Size W*D*H mm 800*800*800mm
Material SUS 304/SUS 316
Power Source 380V/220V
Cleanliness Class 100 - ISO 14644 –1
Direction of flow Vertical
Down Flow 0,36 - 0,54 m / s (0,45 m / s + 20%)
Noise level <68dBA
Vibration level Minimum
Lighting Ceiling Led
UV lamp PHILIPS or theo request
Pressure (∆P) 0 - 25 mm.
Media ltra clean glass fiber paper
Type Mini-Pleat type HEPA Filters
Grade H 14
Efficiency 99.99%
Customized design welcome B&L produced according to customer's request