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FFU (Fan filter Unit) is a product used to install a HEPA filter mounted on the ceiling of a clean room to filter clean air to supply air to the room. The product has an exhaust fan installed and has the ability to adjust the exhaust fan speed according to the requirements of the clean room. First, the air stream will be sucked in by the fan and pass through the preliminary dust filter, then the HEPA H13 filter and radiate to the clean room.

Blower Filter Unit (BFU) is known as a variant of the air filter fan FFU (Fan Filter Unit). However, unlike FFU, this is an air filter designed in forced form, connected to the air duct by soft air ducts or soft joints. These air ducts create convenient and easy conditions for connecting the air conditioning system, increasing pressure and air flow, increasing circulation for the clean room.

Application: Used in electronics factories, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals,...

Guarantee: The device warranty is 1 year.

About replacing components:
HEPA filter: Normally, the HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 6 months - 1 year.

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