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Mist Air Shower

What is Mist Air Shower? Mist Air shower is a device in a clean room. With the operating mechanism of the air bath and bactericidal mist, it will remove dangerous dust particles and powders on the operator's clothes, and at the same time prevent the powder from spreading into the air or moving out to cause pollution. , hazardous to the environment, employees. With the floor return mechanism, the powder, dust particles, and water will be recovered and treated under the floor.

Applications: Typical industrial areas where Safety Mist Sprayers are offered include:

Pharmaceutical, chemical and/or biohazard processing.

Microelectronics and semiconductors.

Spray paint.

Laboratory animal research.

Food, milk and beverages.


Materials: 304 /316 stainless steel is a specialized stainless steel in clean rooms.

Door: Stainless steel frame, with 5mm tempered glass viewing window.

Door style: Straight or L-shaped.

Remind operators to dress properly before entering the office. This also helps to provide maximum protection for employees.

Contaminated air from inside the Safety Mist Shower is then drawn through the base inside the unit, filtered and recirculated.

Interlock: An interlock (interlock or air clock) is a special lock that controls the entry and exit of 2 or more doors at the same time. In which the operating state of 1 door is left with the remaining doors to prevent cross-infection.

Mist Time: Programmable.

Differential pressure gauge.

Waterproof LED ceiling light.

- Warranty: The equipment warranty is 1 year. 

- Technical support: 5 years after the warranty period.

- About replacing components: Normal HEPA filter needs to change HEPA filter every 6 months - 1 year. Pre-filter needs to be changed every 3-6 months

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Products specifications
Model B&L-Mist Air Shower
Exterior Size W*D*H mm 1340*1200*2300
Interior Size W*D*H mm 910*1200*1950mm
Material SUS 304, 316
Jet Nozzles 12
Time to spray cleaning solution Adjustable from 5~30 seconds (Standard setting 15 seconds)
Bacterial removal efficiency > 90%
Solution container 20l
Air Shower Time 0-99 seconds adjustable
Filter Efficacy 99.99% 0.3um
Pre G4
Door SUS 304, 316
Door Type Single-leaf door with push handle
Electronic Lock An interlock is a system consisting of two interconnected doors. One door cannot be opened until the other is closed.
Fan AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Air Velocity 22-25m / s
Noise level <68dBA
Power Source AC380V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Lighting Ceiling Led
Customized design welcome B&L produced according to customer's request