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Static Pass Box

Static Pass Box, also known as Static Passbox, is used to transfer materials, semi-finished products, and finished products between two rooms with different levels of cleanliness in a pharmaceutical factory.

The cause of cross-contamination in pharmaceutical factories is mainly from experts and workers. They account for 80% of infectious causes.

Therefore, the use of Static Pass Box is to limit the movement of experts and workers from low-level clean rooms to higher-level clean rooms and vice versa.

Of particular note is that it is absolutely forbidden to use a Static Passbox to transfer materials between a clean room and a non-clean room because the Static Pass Box is not equipped with a filter system to remove dust. To transport raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products from the normal room to the clean room in the pharmaceutical factory, we will use Dynamic Pass Box.

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Products specifications
Model BL-PBT
Exterior Size W*D*H mm 860*700*790mm
Interior Size W*D*H mm 700*700*700mm
Material SUS 210, SUS 430, SUS 304 or powder coated Tole
Electronic Lock An interlock is a system consisting of two interconnected doors. One door cannot be opened until the other is closed.
Door SUS 210, SUS 430, SUS 304 or powder coated Tole
UV lamp PHILIPS or theo request
Customized design welcome B&L produced according to customer's request