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Vertical airflow portable LAF trolley

Vertical laminar flow trolleys are commonly used to transport hazardous products/materials. With negative pressure, hazardous products/materials are not released into the environment to ensure safety for operators and the surrounding environment.

Main features of Laminar Airflow Trolley:

Pressure is negative pressure.
The airflow can be either an exit through the bottom of the barrel or recirculation to avoid air leaks. The air stream before being discharged into the environment is treated through a HEPA filter to ensure safety for the operator and the environment.
All are designed with closed-joint welding. Welds are ground and polished.
Vehicles can be equipped with isolation gloves to be able to impact during movement.
Vehicles with specialized Mika vision umbrella or clear tempered glass with anti-tank filter, UV protection.
Wheels can rotate 360 ​​degrees, brake type, fixed lock. Specialized wheels for clean rooms, with power steering.
UPS dry battery has 2-4 usage time after fully charged.
Vehicle with differential pressure gauge.
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