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Biological safety cabinets

What is a microbiological cabinet?
- Microbiological incubator (biological safety cabinet or tissue culture cabinet ..) is the name of a working system designed to prevent contamination agents for manipulation on biological samples, materials material is sensitive to dust particles... Air is drawn through a HEPA filter and introduced into the working chamber.
The incubator is designed to protect the sample, the entire test procedure as well as the user's operation by maintaining an ideal and perfectly clean workspace.
- This is the right choice for researchers to ensure value and high quality, reduce noise during use, with many product lines to suit different needs in use.
- Sterile incubator or clean cabinet designed with horizontal and vertical air flow.

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Vertical air flow microbiology cabinet

Microbiological cabinet with vertical air flow (Vertical Laminar Flow) is a cabinet with a flow of clean air blowing down from the ceiling.

Tủ cấy vi sinh dòng khí ngang

Tủ cấy vi sinh có dòng khí ngang là Tủ có dòng khí sạch thổi theo phương ngang hay từ vách sau thổi ngang ra.