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Primary filter

What is primary filtration?

Primary filtration, also known as pre-filtration, is often used in the initial filtration stage in an air filtration or water filtration system. Their function is to remove medium to large particles or insects from the air source entering the system. The pre-filter usually has a short shelf life because it is constantly in direct contact with the external environment and accumulates a lot of dirt, impurities, ...


In daily life, the pre-filter is used everywhere, from air filters, water filters, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners to operating rooms, laboratories, research institutes, ...
In production, the pre-filter is applied to clean room technology, cold storage to help air purification systems handle fresh air streams in the first filter layers to remove impurities, dirt, and cones. before being put into research and production areas. The pre-filter is usually installed at HVAC systems in FFU, FCU, AHU ... of buildings, cold storage, clean room, painting room, research room, lab, operating room, ...
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