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UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Pictures of 1 UV sterilizer cabinet:


Advantages of using UV sterilizers:

Depending on the purpose of use can choose different capacity.
Environmentally friendly as no by-products are created.
Kills most harmful bacteria.
Cost savings because of the long lifetime of UV lamps.
When choosing a method of chemical sterilization when handling can be overdosed. The UV sterilizer eliminates the problem of chemical excess.
Quickly hits harmful bacteria because UV rays work by penetrating pathogens and killing their DNA.
The on-off time can be controlled through the PLC programmable controller.

In a pharmaceutical factory
Electronic equipment manufacturing
Optical mechanical production
Various laboratories.
In the hospital
Salient features of sterilized storage cabinets:

The LCD control panel allows to set the sterilization time, only starting to work when the cabinet is closed and automatically stopping when the door is opened.
The UV treatment chamber time is set by the process timer which also displays the total UV lamp operating time.
The sterilizer cabinet is equipped with a HEPA filter that guarantees an air cleanliness of 99.9995% for 0.3 µm particles.
The spring-fastened HEPA filter ensures filter tightness throughout its life.
All-metal aseptic cabinet: 304/316 . stainless steel
The perforated mask helps to protect the HEPA filter, distributing the gas evenly throughout the cabinet.
Depending on the needs of use, customers can order separate sizes.
Doors with tempered glass laminated for user protection or dedicated Mika.
Moving picture of air flow:


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